Apr 17, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 3

Greetings from New York! I am waking up on this sunny day in my favourite city, but I'm here on business so I will be brief with today's post. I apologize, I don't have very much to show you for my One Room Challenge progress update this week. I'm turning my master bedroom into my home office and (attempting to) show you consistent progress over the course of six weeks, but all I managed to do in the last week was paint that patch of wall behind the armoire I removed. 

Left: "Before" - 9' tall mirror-door wardrobe; Middle: "During" - the unpainted patch of wall behind the armoire; Right: "After" - all white to match the rest of the room! (Actually, to be honest, I only got two coats done this week, but it only needs one more!)  

So that's the only real progress I made this week, but I do want to share one of my plans for the space that I completely forgot to tell you in previous weeks - my coffee bar! Whether I include a bar cart with coffee accessories, or a fixed unit, I would like to have a coffee station in the room. I took a browse through Pinterest and didn't find anything that reflected what I'm thinking of doing, so unfortunately I don't have any inspiration pictures to show you and you'll just have to wait for the reveal. 

If you want to follow from the beginning of my office makeover (as part of the One Room Challenge), click here

And to check out Week 3 progress of the other ORC linking participants, as well as the core ORC challengers, click here and here, respectively. (P.S. - They are all doing amazing work, please go and see what they're doing, it's truly inspiring and motivating.)

Apr 12, 2014

Palm Sunday

 Palm Sunday (formerly Saloon Salon) is a hair salon located in the Little Italy neighbourhood of Toronto. It's where I've been going for the last few years now to see stylist Kat Marcus. She's amazing. Not only can she do amazing things with hair, she's one of the coolest, nicest, most down to earth people I've ever met. There are few people in this world who I would trust weilding scissors in close proximity to my head...she is one of them. (My cousin Brad and my former hair stylist Marie are the only other people I would trust with this responsibility!) Anyhoo, the reason I'm writing about my hair salon today is because they've recently rebranded and renovated the space, and they're holding a grand opening tomorrow night. But they are more than just a hair salon - they have a gift shop set up at the front of the space where they've curated some really great products from local artisans, and they have plans to feature artists by having gallery showings in future. This salon totally gets it - that hair is style, style is art, and art is culture, and they have created a destination for the community to experience this together.

From Palm Sunday:

                   HAIR RETREAT!"

Loving the way the colours are placed in this herringbone tile pattern.

Does your hair salon have a white piano? No? Mine does. :)

The gift shop and waiting area.

This chandelier kills it!!! It's made locally and you best believe I got the maker's
 contact info because this is exactly what I want in my dining room.
The salon window. Look for the palm tree upon your arrival.

Palm Sunday's grand re-opening is tomorrow night, Sunday April 13th from 7-11pm at 384 Harbord Street. Join Kat, Ronnie, Mark and Shane for a toast, a taste, and music by Fawn B.C. and Brendan Boyle. Special guest Pinky's Nails will be on-site providing complimentary nail art - RSVP at PALMSUNDAYPARTY@GMAIL.COM to attend the opening and to get your nails done.

P.S. Ronnie is a bad-ass hair stylist - she gave me an incredibly sexy faux-hawk a few years ago that I rocked at my friend's CD release party. Wish I could find a picture of it to show you!

P.P.S. I confess that I am a bad blogger - I had taken pictures of this salon back when it was called the Saloon Salon and I had good intentions of posting them and writing a blog post about the place last summer. But I got really busy at that exact time and took an unintentional hiatus from blogging. It doesn't make sense to post those photos now that they've rebranded, but I will at some point  in the future because as much as I love their new look, I'm still very fond of the decor from the salon's past life. It was very rustic-eclectic with a country-western vibe, and I will pay it it's due respect and memorialize it on this blog in due time. 

Apr 10, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 2

It's Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! If you're just joining in, I'll be turning my master bedroom into a home office over the next 6 weeks as part of Linda's One Room Challenge event. If you missed Week 1 you can get caught up here. Otherwise, let's proceed. Last week I showed you the room in it's current state; this week I'm going to talk about my plan and share some products and inspiration photos. Unfortunately, the issues that I was experiencing with my laptop last week are even worse this week, so I didn't get to finish the design board I started putting together. But using the resources at my disposal, I will walk you through my plan as best I can.

I had my eye on West Elm's White Lacquer Parsons Desk for months, but the price point was a little higher than I was willing to pay. I scoured the internet and went to a ton of stores looking for something similar and within my budget, but nothing I saw came even remotely close to the simplistic beauty and clean lines of the West Elm desk. So I finally caved in and bought it. And let me tell you, I am so glad I did! It's gorgeous and super sturdy. I'm glad I made the investment, it's going to be my one splurge item in the room.

Image Source: West Elm

Next up: the office chair. I found this one at HomeSense for only $99 a few weeks ago but didn't have the means to get it home at the time. When I went back a week later, sadly it was gone.

I haven't been able to find a similar looking chair that is as comfortable as this one from HomeSense was. So I decided that I would instead buy a Louis ghost chair because I've had my eye on those for a long time, and if I discover that it's not the best chair for sitting at a desk in for long periods at a time, I can always find a place for it somewhere else in my home (assuming I find a good replacement for the office). Structube sells them for only $79, can you believe it??!

The rug I originally intended to buy for the room was the Moroccan Shag from Rugs USA, but then I saw a pink overdyed rug and I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I ordered it on the last day of their 70% off sale. However, upon receiving it a couple of months ago (keep in mind I've been planning this office makeover for a long time and have been collecting items for it for a while now), I set it up in my living room and decided it looks amazing against my grey sofa, so now I'm thinking of going back and ordering the Moroccan Shag. I'm hesitant though because as much as I love it, I see it everywhere, so I fear I may tire of it before too long.

Above photo is the pink overdyed rug looking amazing in my living room. Below is the Moroccan Shag for consideration. 

Other considerations for the room are storage space for files and art materials, shelving, framed prints (OMG have you seen annawithlove's new Paris Collection?!!!!), and a coffee bar.

I'm going to leave it at that until next week, but before I go, I did promise you some inspirational images:

You know when you have an idea in your head and then you come across a picture that freaks you out because it's as if someone used medieval sorcery to read your mind and then brought your mind's image to life, posted it on the internet, and then aligned the universe so that you would encouter the image? That is what this photo of the Ruby Press office did to me. I feel such a connection with the designer of this space. Image from Lonny; gorgeous space, click through to see more.

Danielle Moss' Office; Image Source: The Everygirl

Margaret Elizabeth Studio; Image Source: The Everygirl
Alaina Kaczmarski's Apartment; Image Source: The Everygirl
Love this inspiration board. Image Source: Glitter Guide

That's all for this week, be sure to visit Linda's page to see how her project is coming along and to check out the other designers/design bloggers participating in this challenge! And check out here to see the progress of those participating in the linking party. 

Apr 3, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 1: Home Office Makeover

This post marks Week 1 of the One Room Challenge for Linking Participants. The One Room Challenge is an event created by Linda of Calling it Home, where a group of 20 designers and design bloggers each transform one room in their home (or their client's home) over a 6 week period, blogging weekly on the progress they've made. Linda has set up a linking party so that anyone who wanted to participate could join in on the action, and that's what you're going to see here. If you're new to my blog, here are links to my weekly progress:
Week 1: The current space "before" photos (keep reading below)
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6: The reveal!
The room that I'll be transforming over the next six weeks is my master bedroom and turning it into my home office, what I'll be calling #projecthomeofficemakeover (and in case you're wondering, I'll be making my guest bedroom my principle bedroom instead). Let me start by showing you around the room. 

The gorgeous black flocked damask wallpaper from Graham & Brown will be staying. I want my office to be really bright but I'm not worried about this black wall making the room feel dark - the room is flooded with light all afternoon and into the early evening in the summer. 
And this is the bay window that let's in said light. 
Opposite my black damask wall is a black fireplace. And a very messy dresser. And a cat. 

Completing our the circuit of the room is this wall that needs painting (to the left of the bed). I disassembled a large IKEA wardrobe in preparation for this room's makeover so that's one big task out of the way. 

I had planned on sharing my inspiration photos in this post, but my laptop recently went on the fritz so those will have to wait until next week. For the same reason, I apologize for the blurry photos that I did manage to include. Make sure to check back each Thursday over the next six weeks to my home office progress! 
Thanks to Linda for organizing this fun event! Be sure to pop over to her blog Calling it Home today to check out the other linking participants. 

Apr 2, 2014

One Room Challenge Starts Today

The One Room Challenge officially starts today! You might remember that I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago that I would be joining in on the fun as a linking participant on Thursdays, but the main action takes place on Wednesdays starting today. Linda from Calling it Home is the event creator and, along with 19 other fabulous and talented design bloggers, will be transforming one room over the next six weeks. Here are the list of participants: 

There is so much talent here, it's not even funny. I already follow most of these bloggers and I'm happy to discover a few new ones. I hope you will too. 

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see which room in my house that I selected to make over for the Challenge! 

Mar 28, 2014

The Steven and Chris Show

Happy Friday! How was everyone's week? I've been off work this week but, as happens with vacation time, it went by too fast. Today is my last full day off since I'll be in class all day Saturday and all day Sunday, then it's back to the office on Monday. One of the highlights of my week that I wanted to share was attending a taping of the Steven and Chris show. It was a lot of fun! They taped segments on fashion, decor, parenting and fitness - the decor segment was obviously my favourite; you can see a small part of the set-dec in the photo I took below, just before the taping started. The episode airs on May 22nd, so tune in and look out for yours truly in the audience! 

Speaking of the Steven and Chris show, my girl Laura is going to be appearing on the episode that's airing TODAY! Her home will be featured, so make sure you tune in today at 2pm EST. First though, you need to follow her on Instagram because she posts pics of her lovely home and the pretty vignettes she creates all around it. Case in point, these two images from her Instagram

Be sure to tune in later today to see more! 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Mar 21, 2014

One Room Challenge Linking Party and a Birthday Shout Out

Hooray, it's Friday! What's everyone up to this weekend? I'll be in class all day Saturday (AutoCAD) and all day Sunday (Kitchen Planning & Renovation). But don't feel sorry for me because I have ALL OF NEXT WEEK OFF WORK! Finally, I can get started on my list of house projects. It will also be nice to sleep in, catch up on stacks of unread decor magazines, write more blog posts, catch up with friends, and get a chance to be outside while the sun is up as opposed to being cooped up in an office all day (especially now that the sun is finally starting to make an appearance again). Maybe I'll get a little shopping done, and I'm long overdue for a haircut and a mani-pedi. Ahh, staycation, I love you! Not as much as I love sipping cocktails on a warm, sunny beach, but c'est la vie.   

Speaking of that list of house projects...have you heard of the One Room Challenge? It's an event created by Linda of Calling it Home, where a group of design bloggers each transform one room in their home (or their client's home) over a 6 week period, blogging weekly on the progress they've made. In the most recent round of the ORC, Linda set up a linking party so that anyone who wanted to participate could join in on the action. She's hosting the linking party again this time around and I plan on taking part. It officially starts on April 3rd - to follow along with me and all the other participants, look for the ORC logo on my blog, which I'll be posting on my sidebar as a link before the challenge starts.    

In other, more important news, today is my brother's birthday! Happy birthday, Matt! My brother is an extremely skilled guitar player and song composer and plays in a band called Burning The Day. Here's a picture of my bro and his boy, Stan. I'm so proud of my brother, and I love him so much.  I don't tell him that enough. Cheers to you, bro! 

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!